California Based Theme Park Faces Permanent Closure After Popular Whale Washes Up Dead On A Santa Barbara Beach


Santa Barbara, CA- Many awoke to an awful smell this morning. The rotting carcass of an Orca whale, was found washed ashore on a remote beach in North Santa Barbara County. The smell of decomposing flesh could be found in the air as far away as 10 miles. It is highly unusual that this species of whale would wash ashore on the Santa Barbara coast.

An eagle eyed citizen, who came to look at the whale, instantly recognized it as the beautiful Orca that adorned posters on his bedroom walls as a youth. *Due to the ongoing investigation, specifics and names involved in this case cannot and or will not be shared with the public at this time*. Authorities were alerted to the possibility that this beautiful creature was the famous Orca we all grew up loving. A quick search of the internet, uncovered images verifying the onlookers’ suspicions.

According to a source within the popular Southern California theme park, a park superintendent looking for ways to save money, decided on illegally dumping the deceased, beloved creature. The whale had died of natural causes days prior and a decision needed to be made. Having an Orca removed after death is a costly affair, upwards of $50,000 is needed to humanely remove, and respectfully retire a deceased Orca in compliance with local and federal laws. Wanting to cut costs and come in below projections for the quarter, the superintendent decided to forgo standard procedural practices and go rogue by dumping and abandoning the whale’s body off the coast of San Diego in hopes the tide would wash it out to sea.

Unfortunately for the nefarious park superintendent, the whale was swept up Northwards from San Diego, all the up to Santa Barbara where it ultimately washed ashore. The park in question will now be facing some tough questions. Rumblings of “Permanent Closure”, have already begun to percolate among those with intimate knowledge of the situation. Authorities were unavailable for comment at time of this writing. The popular theme park connected with this investigation was not available for comment either. Please stay tuned to for more and this story and the stories that matter most to you!

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