Stuck In An Elevator For 27 Grueling Hours, Man Says He Was Forced To Eat His Wife To Survive. Police Have Their Own Suspicions


Van Nuys, CA- Phillip Detwiler (55) is locked up safe and sound in Los Angeles county jail after a harrowing weekend involving 27 hours stuck in an elevator and the “forced” cannibalization of his wife.

Phillip and his wife Peggy were attending a conference at a local Marriott when the elevator they were taking down to the lobby got stuck between floors. It took maintenance and fire crews 27 hours to open the doors and when they did they were in for a bloody shock.

Sometime during the 27 hours stuck in the elevator, starvation took its hold on Phillip at the expense of his wife Peggy. Phillip admits to strangling and consuming his wife’s flesh, but with her consent, “She knew for one of us to survive, one of us must sacrifice themselves. Seeing as I earn a better wage than her, we decided I would go on and she would make the ultimate sacrifice. So when I got hungry and just couldn’t hold out anymore, I, with Peggy’s permission of course, strangled and ate a goodly portion of her thigh and buttocks.”.

Unfortunately for Phillip, police were not buying his story, even if she agreed and willingly went along with it. “27 hours is not an amount of time, in my opinion, where one needs to resort to the murder and cannibalization of their wife. He‘s obviously a sick and twisted individual and he used the time stuck in the elevator as an opportunity to live out his nefarious fantasies. His story that she was onboard by offering herself as a sacrifice so he may live, is wildly implausible. It was only 27 hours, not 27 days stuck in that elevator. It’s a tragic situation all the way around. At the least, Mr. Detwiler is being charged with Voluntary Manslaughter and Cannibalism.”, Sgt Henry Mayhew told our reporters.

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