Wife Charged With Attempted Murder After Missing Husband With 6 Point Blank Shots.


Ventura, CA- Becky Chambers (28), spent the weekend in jail after attempting to murder her husband Frank with a revolver. Becky and Frank got into a heated argument over who drank the last beer and who was now going to order more to be delivered. As per usual Frank was the one who had drank the last beer and a pissed off Becky was having to deal with his drunk ass yet one more time.

For whatever reason Becky couldn’t handle his belligerent attitude this weekend. She disappeared to the back of the house and returned with a revolver in her hands. According to neighbors, both parties were “yelling loudly” and Becky could be heard telling Frank to “Shut up or I’ll close your mouth permanently”, “Go ahead you lazy-eyed crazy-eyed bitch”, Frank said to his wife.

“Then BANG! BANG! Two shots followed by four more. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! I thought Frank was done for, but the I heard him chuckling exclaiming that she had missed all 6 shots from a revolver. I called police and waited for help to arrive”, a neighbor told us under the condition of anonymity.

As the neighborhood rally’s around Frank, Becky continues to get acquainted to life in a jail cell.

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