2 Foot 13 Inch Irishman Tricked Women Into Sex By Offering Them Nonexistent Pots Of Gold


Los Angeles, CA- In what could have come straight out of a Hollywood movie script, Evan McGuiness (27) from Dublin Ireland, was arrested after multiple women came forward claiming he deceived them into sexual relations by making them think he was a Leprechaun with a pot of gold. McGuiness would use that deception to leverage sex from these women in exchange for his pot of gold. At 2 foot and 14 inches, Evan McGuiness looked every bit the part of a leprechaun.

After having sex with the women, Evan McGuiness would go to the bathroom to clean up and sneak out a small window never to be seen again. The women would be left with more questions than gold. “I was promised the location to his gold and all I got was genital warts”, one victim who spoke to us under the condition of anonymity told us.

McGuiness was spotted by a patrol car loitering outside of an Irish pub in the greater Los Angeles area. Police suspected he was looking for his next victim. McGuiness was arrested without incident and was taken to a special holding cell for under-sized inmates at the Los Angeles county Jail (Twin Towers).

The faux leprechaun told our reporters that “about every year or two I travel outside Ireland. I go to where the women are beautiful and also gold diggers. I lay on my accent real thick and go to work. I’ve been rewarded with many “pots of gold” meself”.

In all, over 40 women spread open their honey pots in exchange for a pot of gold that never was.

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