Using Tow Mirrors While Not Towing, Indicates A Desire For “Homosexual Activity With Other Men”. “Keep Mirrors Down If You’re Not Down For Butts*x” – Police Say


Houston, TX- Police are getting word out to its citizens that their preference to drive with tow mirrors out on their Ram pickups may be sending out the wrong signal to other Ram truck drivers on the road. “Through research and inter-agency communication, we have gathered intelligence that proves a vast collection of men are using their tow mirrors, while not towing, as an indication that they are approachable for discreet homosexual activity. Our fear is that people who do this purely for aesthetic reasons may find themselves in situations where others think they are ready and willing to drop their pants for some, wild and free relations with other men.”

“Our advice is to drive with your mirrors folded in, unless and only unless you are towing or are in-fact hoping for romantic encounters with other men, which is totally fine with us. We have done our best in educating and the rest is up now to the public. Remember; Keep your mirrors down if you’re not down for buttsex”, Sergeant Larry McGuinness of H.P.D.

We here at tried to elicit comments from random Ram truck drivers with their tow mirrors out while not towing and had varied results; Of the 12 truck drivers we approached. 3 were looking for sexual relations with other men. 8 drivers folded their mirrors back in and carried on. 1 man gave our reporter a black eye and said, “Whatever I do, is what I do. There’s no homo here.”.

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