Woman Poses As A Sheriff’s Deputy To Obtain Free Food. She Eats An Astonishing 27 Turkey Legs Before Being Caught.


Ventura, CA- Vicki Meadows (29) was arrested this past weekend at the Ventura County Fairgrounds posing as a Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy. Ms. Meadow arrived at the fairgrounds in a Sheriff’s Deputy uniform she purchased off Facebook Marketplace.

The uniform, initially bought as a halloween costume, was used to gain entry onto the fairgrounds through the private back entrance. Circus Vargas is in town and Vicki had read in the past how the Vargas family is a staunch law enforcement supporter, and that they were well known to offer any law enforcement officer their fill of whatever food was being offered on the concourse free of charge as a thank you for their service.

A lover of all things food, Vicki was on a mission to get her fill of turkey legs this weekend while roaming the fairgrounds dressed up as an actual Sheriff’s Deputy. A crowd began to gather around Vicki when onlookers realized how many turkey legs she was actually devouring. Somewhere around her 20th turkey leg people began to chant for her. “Let’s go deputy, let’s go!” and so on. Other Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies began to converge and communicate between themselves. Once the real law enforcement officers saw past the show she was putting on by putting back turkey legs, they realized that she was impersonating as a deputy.

Deputies waited until she finished what would be her last turkey leg, #27 before they took her to the side and quietly placed her under arrest. The Ventura county Sheriff’s department was unavailable to comment at time of this writing. Vicki Meadows is currently being held on $25k bail at Ventura County jail.

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