Wanted Woman Is Suspected Of Stealing Over 30 Sets Of Testicles


Miami, FL- Jessica Sanderson (33), is currently on Miami-Dade’s 10 most wanted list and is quickly rising towards the most wanted person on that list. Sanderson is wanted for a series of assaults that occurred after one-night stands she had with various men over the course of 6 months.

There is a victim pool of 30 men who went on dates and had sex with Jessica in hotels across the city. Each one of these men were drugged sometime during sexual activities and they all claim to have lost consciousness for large swaths of time. Upon awakening, each man found his testicles missing and his scrotum having had obviously been opened and sewn back up in a crude manner.

Authorities are at a loss for words when trying to understand the motivation behind these crimes, “What we have here is a terrorist on American soil. We do not understand her fascination with testicles, but what we do know is that she is going for shock and awe with these barbaric testicular extractions. Her agenda seems to be to strike terror and fear into the hearts of all men.”, Detective Hector Salinas of Miami-Dade P.D. told our reporters.

All the male victims used the popular social dating app “Plenty of Fish” to help arrange these dates with Jessica. The F.B.I. has been called in to head up the digital investigation. The public is encouraged to call in with any tips regarding the whereabouts of Jessica Sanderson. She is not to be approached and is considered armed and dangerous. Finding out what she has done with all 60 of the testicles is a top priority for authorities.

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