Woman Destroys Local Boutique When Manager Refuses To Cave In To Her Demands


Ventura, CA- Tara McOwens (52) of Thousand Oaks California caused quite the stir at the Ventura Harbor this past week. Mrs. McOwens was shopping at a fashionable boutique nestled in the heart of the harbor and before she would exit the business, she would cause over $15k in damages. That day she found several sundresses to try on, but only one changing room and it was not available when Tara needed it.

Tara tried to speed up the process by directly complaining to the woman occupying the small changing stall. That proceeded to cause the woman already trying on outfits, to slow her roll and make Tara wait even longer. Tara was born for this moment and knew exactly what to do. She was going to speak to the manager.

Tara began to plead with the manager, Lucy Villareal, about needing to get into the changing room so she may try on dresses. Tara was told to wait her turn and that there was no time limit for trying on clothes and that she was going to need to just calm down, be patient, and wait her turn. This is when Tara started to explain just who she was to Ms. Villareal, “I live over the hill in Thousand Oaks where this kind of service would never fly. You should be so lucky as to have me try on your little rags. I will tell all of my friends to avoid this little shack of a business if you don’t let me try on these dresses!”, Tara said.

Lucy had this to say in return, “Get the f*ck out of my store. Nope shh. Get out now! Shhhh. No one cares what you have to say. Get the f*ck out!”. At this point Tara McOwens began to visibly malfunction. She would not lay down and take NO for an answer. Mrs. McOwens proceeded to smash all the display cases with the locally made jewelry that sold so well. She tore dresses in half and started to throw such a mighty ruckus that multiple people would go on to call authorities.

She was arrested some minutes later still ravaging the little boutique. Authorities surmise Tara McOwens was not told “No” often in her life and that she must have had some psychotic break when met with resistance by the store’s manager. Tara McOwens is currently being held in Ventura County Jail where her outfits will be chosen for her.

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