Man Bites Off His Roommate’s Penis Over A Bag Of Missing Beef Jerky


Bakersfield, CA- Brandon Parker (33), was arrested at his residence after neighbors called to complain about loud noises emanating from Parker’s apartment. Brandon had accused his roommate, Wilson Gonzales (30), of stealing his last bag of Jack Links beef jerky. The two men got into a heated argument at which time Brandon choked Wilson unconscious.

While Wilson lay unconscious, Brandon searched the apartment for his missing food. When he could not locate his beef jerky, he returned to where Wilson was and proceeded to bite off the mans penis before coldly spitting it out into the kitchen sink. He planned on running it through the garbage disposal, but he could hear police approaching the front door and he needed to get out of there. Police arrived at the grizzly scene just moments after Brandon had spit Wilson’s penis into the sink.

Brandon was taken into custody while Wilson was rushed to a local hospital for emergency surgery to see if his penis could be reattached. Fortunately police got to the penis before Brandon could flip the switch on the garbage disposal. Later that night while detectives were gathering evidence, an unopened bag of Jack Links jerky was found wedged between the drivers seat and center console armrest in Brandon’s car. Turns out he accused his roommate of stealing his jerky and bit off his penis for absolutely no reason other than unfounded suspicion.

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