Teacher Shows Up Drunk To Parent Teacher Night, Strips Naked, And Gives Lap Dances Before Being Arrested


Humble, Texas- Rebecca Hansen (28), was arrested following what could possibly be the worst ‘Parent teacher night’ on recorded history. Hansen was due to speak with the parents of her 3rd grade class around 7:30pm Friday night. Earlier in the evening she had been celebrating a friend’s engagement at a local Texas Roadhouse, where she had one too many drinks.

Ms. Hansen showed up to her classroom after having 7 shots of tequila and 7 pints of beer as chasers. She arrived in an Uber and was clearly inebriated upon arrival. Ms. Hansen spotted a couple of cute single dads waiting to speak with her. Without a word she slowly walked up to one of the dads while removing her clothing in an overtly sexual manner. When she got close to to the men, she turned around, exposing her bare behind, and began to gyrate on his lap causing audible gasp’s from shocked onlookers. She danced on the laps of 3 or 4 more fathers before the school principal interceded.

Several of the parents, not excited about their children’s drunk and newly nude teacher, called authorities. Rebecca Hansen was brought in on a myriad of charges and has no recollection of the night at all. A handful of the fathers in attendance for parent teacher night, paid her bail. She’ll have several weeks to prepare and build a defense before having to appear in court.

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