Suspect In A Series Of Break-Ins, Needs To Be Tased To Comply With Mugshot


Los Angeles, CA- Sean Earhmantrout (28), was brought in by LA county sheriffs after he was picked out of a line-up as being the man responsible for a series of home break-ins in the Highland Park area. Upwards of 2 dozen homes have been robbed, with Earhmantrout being connected to at least 7 of them.

At the police station, Earhmantrout was non-compliant when it came to posing for his mugshot. “It’s not unusual that a suspect offers resistance when having their mugshot taken, but Mr. Earhmantrout was highly combative and needed additional motivation to comply with having his picture taken. That’s when I decided to tase him. Shortly there after his picture was captured without incident.”, LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Clark Reynolds told us.

Earhmantrout has invoked his right to remain silent while a court appointed attorney can be assigned to his case. Working against him is video surveillance placing him at at least 3 of the residences on the night of the break-ins. Stay tuned to as more information on this case become available.

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