Cyclist Dies When Bike Seat Slips Into Her Vagina On A Bumpy Road And Crushes Her Internal Organs


Professional Cyclist Bethany Sanders was practicing for her next race in Italy when the most terrible thing imaginable happened! She wound up on a bumpy road and she must have hit one bump just right because all of the sudden her bike seat slipped right up into her vagina. Immediately she fell over. People tried to remove the seat from her cavernous vagina, but it was wedged up there real good.

Sadly Beth would die as a result of her injuries. Multiple organs were crushed, both her lungs were punctured and her spine was in nearly severed as well. This is the first known case of a bicycle seat making its way into someone’s vagina let alone dying from such an injury. “She must have been into extreme fisting or pussy stretching because we have never had this happen before in the history of our company. I’m not kink shaming, my wife has a giant cooter herself”, Raleigh Wigstan – bike seat maker.

She has no idea that her seat will spell the end very soon.

In lue of flowers the family is asking for donations which will help fund kegel exercise research. “Kegel exercises could have helped save her life. If she worked out her kegel muscles and gotten her vagina really strong we may not be here now”, said a family spokesperson.

The seat in question is now listed on eBay with bidding currently at $33k

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