Man Had His Friends Sleep With Comatose Wife To Get Back At Her For Cheating On Him. Now He’s Behind Bars.


Felix Costanza (29) of Miami Florida has been taken into custody after medical staff at The Miami Medical Center observed signs of sexual abuse on his comatose wife Natasha Costanza (30). Natasha has been in a coma for just shy of 6 months following a horrific car accident. A nurse noticed signs of sexual assault while bathing Natasha.

The Miami Medical Center has a state of the art surveillance system complete with thermal imagery and night vision technologies. What the system uncovered was truly despicable. Footage shows Felix Costanza bringing in several men over the course of a 4 week period to his wife’s room well after visiting hours. Arrested under the suspicion of sexual assault, Felix quickly confessed to his crimes.

“We are fully cooperating with the Miami-Dade Police Department to help identify the other assailants”, Dr. Penberry of The Miami Medical Center

“Natasha crashed her car on the way home from her lover’s house. I didn’t find out she was cheating on me until he showed up at the hospital as well. I couldn’t fault him, she is pretty hot, but she is my wife and cheating is unacceptable. With her being in a coma I seized the opportunity to let all my friends have a go with her since she liked to cheat anyways. She’s my wife, so I can make the rules”, Costanza said.

Felix is wrong and is being charged with rape and facilitation of rape among other charges. He will be facing up to 90 years in prison convicted and if she should happen to pass away before fully recovering, Felix will be facing the death penalty for his actions. Police are still trying to track down the other men involved in the assault because Felix refuses to name names.

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