Police Arrest Man For Collecting Rainwater With His Head.


Pete Parrish (32) of Salt Lake City Utah has been arrested and charged with breaking one of the city’s oldest punishable laws, collecting rainwater. SLC (Salt Lake City) has always been strict on its citizens when it comes to collecting rainwater. It is an archaic law put into place to help keep the earth free of pollutants that can gather in collected rain water receptacles. Rarely punishable by law, it is more of a “strange but true” law, but that does not mean it is not law.

Pete is a known trouble maker in the SLC area. Police are always interested in seeing what he is up to and hoping to catch him in the act of a crime so they can lock him up. During an usually rainy day a store owner complained that Pete was loitering out front of his store and they called the police to speak with Pete.

“Mr. Parrish had approximately 3 ounces of water collected on his person. More than enough for an arrest”, said officer Cleotis Freebold

Officers asked Pete what he was doing outside of the mans store in the rain, “waiting for my Uber”, Pete said. He very well couldn’t be arrested for loitering if he was actively looking for a ride to leave the premises. One of the officers, a real go-getter who just happened to be a second cousin of the store owner, remembered the old rainwater law. Pete didn’t have an umbrella and it was raining and unfortunately Pete’s head is con-caved from a childhood accident which caused rainwater to pool in his head.

The officers arrested Pete on site for collecting rainwater, much to the joy of the store owner. Pete is looking at a maximum of 1 month in jail and a possible $10,000 fine if convicted. SLC can sleep safe tonight knowing Pete Parrish is off the streets.

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