Girlfriend Farts On His Face During Oral Sex Setting Off Allergic Reaction To Peanuts


Cody Miller (26) of Palmdale California landed in the Emergency room late Sunday night February the 13th. When he arrived his throat was already closing due to an unknown allergic reaction. Doctors were able to stabilize him quickly, however his swollen face seemed to be lingering longer than usual. A specialist in allergies and infectious diseases was brought in to try and get to the bottom of what caused this outbreak.

Cody was able to text on his phone but not speak due to the swelling in his throat. He told the specialist that, “I was going down on my girlfriend during the super bowl halftime show. She started getting a little wild and was really enjoying herself. Out of nowhere she rips a giant fart at the same time I’m gasping for air. I get a mouthful of ass breath and small bits of fecal matter got stuck between my teeth”, Miller told the doctor.

“This is the first time I have seen an allergic reaction to nuts stem from the anus. It is quite thrilling to be a part of. Mr. Miller will fully recover, but we urge him to use caution while pleasuring his girlfriend orally”, Dr. Azazi

Tests were run and it was found those small bits of fecal matter were intermeshed with peanuts. “Nuts are a hardy food. They do not always break down well in the digestive tract. While his girlfriend was experiencing oral pleasure, she passed gas and in that gas were particles of peanuts that caused this almost fatal accident”, Dr. Azazi.

“I never knew I had an issue with peanuts. I love me some Snickers. Doctors say the fact that the bits of peanuts came out in fecal matter apparently lowered my immune system enough to create this awful reaction. The worst part is that they say I can never safely eat peanuts again. That and having to look at my girlfriend in the eye without laughing is tough”, said Miller.

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