Naked Woman Chases Jehovah’s Witnesses Down The Street Yelling, “Succumb To My Devil Vagina Magic!”


Fillmore California – Brandy Williams has been taken to Ventura County jail after an altercation involving two Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ms. Williams was seen running naked after two young men on bicycles who were going door to door to spread the message of Christ in her neighborhood. “Ms. Williams thought it would be funny to answer the door in the nude and shock these young men. The two men sat stunned for a brief moment before returning to their bicycles. They are familiar with folks being rude, what Ms. Williams did next went a little too far”, Deputy Sheriff MacEwen.

The men, Luke and John are used to people being rude, slamming doors, and even yelling at them, but for a naked woman to greet them at the door, that was quite the shock. Their message was not going to be heard at this house and it was time to move on to the next one.

When the men went to return to their bikes, Brandy wasn’t yet done trying to get under their skin. A nude Brandy started speaking of her vagina and the “Devil’s” magic it contained. “Take a good look at my p*ssy. Succumb to my devil vagina magic”. This got the attention of the pair of men. They began to fear what may happened next and began to peddle away.

Brandy took off after them but did not make it too far as neighbors had already informed police of an altercation involving their neighbor and the two young men. She was apprehended without incident and after having their statements taken the men were free to go to spread the word of God.

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