Ted Nugent On The Verge Of Death After Being Trampled By A Team Of Homosexual Wild Boar


Waco, TX- Theodore (Ted) Anthony Nugent lay in critical condition at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Hillcrest. He is currently being placed on a ventilator to help stabilize his condition long enough for internal injuries to heal. Ted was on his property in Waco Texas when a team of homosexual wild boar overcame the aged singer and activist, trampling him in the process. It is estimated that over 50 Boar we involved in the accident.

The boar had recently been brought to his ranch from the wild. Boar are routinely placed onto the Nugent property where he likes to take guests out for hunts. Nugent was with a ranch hand during the stampede but the hand escaped harm atop an SUV. Nugent was air lifted to Baylor Scott some 30 minutes after the incident.

Ted being airlifted to safety.

“Our major concerns are the injuries suffered to the internal organs. The bone breaks will heal in time but surgery may be needed give the patient the best outlook for survival. Once he has stabilized on the ventilator we will run a battery of tests to find out our next course of action”, Dr. Lewis of Baylor Scott.

Dailynewsreported.com will being keeping a close eye on the condition of Ted Nugent and will be sure to bring you any updates.

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