Lottery Winner Dumps 1500 Gallons Of Shit On His Boss’s Lawn


Bloomington, IN- Carl Pengrove (33) is the state of Indiana’s newest millionaire after winning 7 million dollars in The Hoosier Lotto. Instead of just quitting his job, Carl wanted to make an impression on his boss that he would not soon forget.

Carl works for a local general contractor by the name of Steve Lewis. Steve is a hard nosed boss who like to make fun of and belittle his workers. Carl was always the butt of Steve’s workplace jokes and pranks. The two had actually gone to high school together where Steve was a football player and Carl was in band. Their contentious relationship started back in school and has carried all the way into adulthood.

Carl loathed waking up each morning knowing he would have to face Steve, but on this occasion, Carl could not wait to get the day started. Having won The Hoosier Lotto just days prior, Carl already had a plan of revenge set up for his boss Steve. The night before Carl borrowed a septic truck from his buddy that owns a septic pumping service. He made sure that the truck had not been emptied prior to his borrowing of it.

It will take several days to properly clean the spilled waste. Another two weeks until it is safe to walk barefoot on.

It was 5am when Carl left his house to head over to Steve’s place in the septic truck filled with 1500 gallons of waste. At 5:15am Carl backed onto Steve’s property and proceeded to dump the tank of waste onto his lawn. Sadly for Steve and to the delight of Carl, waste also crept into his garage and other parts of his home. Carl pulled on the truck’s airhorn incessantly until a disheveled Steve came out side. When Carl saw Steve appear, he grabbed a hose from the truck and sprayed waste directly onto Steve’s face.

“The look on his face right before the shit water hit him, is only second to the joy I received when I found out I had won the lotto. I’ll pay my fines and do my time if need be, but I will forever remember this day!”, said a jovial Carl. Steve was not available for comment at time of this writing.

The kerfuffle and ensuing commotion drew authorities to Steve’s property where hazmat crews were also called to clean up the mess. Carl faces several charges and must pay for the clean up. He has already posted a $10k bond and is looking forward to his time in court, “I want it to be on record what a piece of shit Steve is. Any fines I have to pay I will gladly do so”.

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