Nancy Pelosi Wants This Story About Her Affair With JFK, That Started When She Was 15, Off The Internet.


Everyone knows John F. Kennedy died November 22nd, 1963. What many may not know is on that fateful day, a 7 year affair between President Kennedy and a young Nancy Pelosi also ended. At just 22 years old, Nancy was one of the Presidents longest running mistresses. JFK was a famous womanizer and for all intents and purposes, Nancy was happy to be along for the ride.

The two met at a fundraiser back in 1956, Nancy was only 15 years old at the time. Rumor has it that Nancy was instantly smitten by the handsome Senator from Massachusetts and stuck up a conversation with him. Later that night she was seen tiptoeing into his bedroom at a bewitching hour.

According to a tell all book about JFK’s love affairs, “Nancy was aggressive in her desire for Jack. She offered herself in ways other women of the day would not. Jack enjoyed her creativity in the bedroom”, Page 141 of “The Affairs Of JFK

Nancy D’Alesandro as she was known at the time, stayed unwed until Kennedy passed away. It was not until after his passing that she accepted a marriage proposal from Paul Pelosi. Those close to her say she was heart broken at Kennedy’s passing and settled on Paul Pelosi when she knew that her affair with the 35th president was finished.

Our repeated efforts to reach Nancy have gone unanswered.

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