Man Narrowly Escapes With His Life After An Encounter With A Killer Known Only As “The Brain Snatcher”


Larry Crow (47) is recovering in an undisclosed location after his very near brush with death. Larry is the only known survivor of The Brain Snatcher. This serial killer has been terrorizing towns in The Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. It is said he lures his victims into his van and knocks them out with a chemical agent. Upon awakening, victims find themselves on a gurney while The Brain Snatcher is busy getting his tools ready to cut open their skulls and remove their brains.

The following information is from a first hand account as told to us by Larry. “It’s pretty foggy, but what I remember is the sound of the saw and smell of my bone when it started to cut. I was still conscious when he lifted off my skull cap. I remember him asking questions, the same ones again and again. I think he was removing bits and pieces of brain and seeing if my answers would change. I’m not really sure. That’s really all I remember except for what the FBI has informed me of”, said Larry.

“I have never seen anyone survive what Larry has. He is truly the a miracle man”, Said Doctor Williams a resident who treated Larry.

The FBI profile of the suspect reads like this; a man in his mid to late 30’s. White and college educated but no degree. A failed medical student is likely. No children. A menial job that gives him plenty of time to live out his fantasies. He has access to a secure location with medical devices. To what ends is he seeking, authorities are not sure, but they believe he is experimenting in such a manner that he would have displayed similar behavior in college that an old professor may recognize. “It’s likely that his ideas in school were very radical, so much so that it was probably the cause for the end of his college career”, said one special agent.

“Agents told me they suspect he is some sort of megalomaniac on a mission to transplant brains between humans and animals alike, in an attempt to circumvent the laws of nature and make a name for himself. I don’t know all about that, I just hope no one else becomes a victim before he gets caught!”, said Larry.

While Larry recovers, authorities are scouring the area where Larry was found. He was found wandering naked and disheveled near the base of Mt. Shasta by hunters. “Helicopters with advanced tracking technology have been combing the surrounding area with no luck. We believe some sort of skirmish happened that allowed Larry to break free, but unfortunately he has no recollection of the events”, said special agent in charge Gortat Merrywhether.

The FBI is urging anyone with any information on The Brain Snatcher no matter how insignificant they think that information might be, to please contact authorities. Please check for updates on this and all our late breaking stories that matter most to you.

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