75in. TV Man Buys At Yard Sale Turns Out To Be A KFC Menu


Houston, TX- Ben Macavee (32) wasn’t in the market for a new TV, but when he came across a 75in. beauty at a yard sale for $60 he swooped it up. “Man I couldn’t wait to get home and play some call of duty. I was sadly mistaken”, said Macavee.

When Ben got home to plug it in, the “TV” loaded up and when the screen came to life it was a KFC menu! Ben tried to find the yard sale again, but since he had left it looked like they cleaned up shop and took off. He went to a neighbors house and they let him know that the house next door was vacant and that sometimes people without yards would use the vacant one to sell things.

“At least I got to blow some shit up”

“Well fuck me”, said Ben. Stuck with a KFC menu, Ben now how to find a way to make the best of it. “I took the damn thing to the range and blew that shit out of it with some thermite and a shotgun. Blowing shit up always makes me feel better!”

We’re glad it all worked out for him. Stay tuned to dailynewsreported.com for more of the stories that matter most!

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