A Child With Cancer Lost The Will To Live When He Learned “Let’s Go Brandon” Was Not People Supporting Him In His Fight Against Cancer


Simon Crestly’s son, Brandon lost his battle with cancer last week. Signs were looking good for his boy. His spirits were at an all time high. All over social media Brandon saw people rooting him on with “Let’s go Brandon” signs and memes. Or so he thought. Brandon learned that those signs he saw and words of encouragement were really just some people thinking they were clever. “My boy really thought he had a large group of people cheering him on. When he found out it was just a supposedly “clever” way to say “Fuck Joe Biden”, Brandon became sad and withdrawn”, said Simon.

Within a week of learning this, Brandon passed away. “The body is a miraculous thing. It can will itself to live and will itself to die. When Brandon thought he had support he was defying the odds. When he learned that people were just being cruel, it was a punch to the gut and the will to live left him”, said Dr. Jay PHD ESQ.

“I don’t even know what to say. Maybe it’s my fault for showing him how many people cared for him. I wanted to encourage and help my son to see that life is worth living. In a strange twist I think Brandon really saw the true character of people and chose not to be a part of a world where people behave like this”, Mr. Crestly said through tears.

Some people who posted “Let’s Go Brandon” statuses and memes had this to say in response, “Fuck him if he can’t take a joke” “I’m edgy and offensive, not my fault he couldn’t handle it” “Good riddance snowflake” “I’m an asshole and proud of it” and finally “Let’s Go Brandon” was uttered one last time by some redneck who lacked the ability to have compassion.

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