Couple Finds Out They’re Siblings After 62 Years Of Marriage And Don’t Give A F*ck What You Think About It!


Birmingham Alabama- Ernest And Mary Roberts have been married 62 loving years. The couple has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. Their love is undeniable and their family adores them. For their 62nd wedding anniversary one of their grandchildren bought them a Ancestry DNA test because they both had been adopted and the family was curious of their origins.

Several weeks after the tests were sent out they got the results. The couple not only shared a common country of origin in Ireland, but the two also shared enough DNA markers to conclusively say that they share the same parents. How is this even possible you may ask, well let us tell you what we know. Ernest and Mary are 10 months apart and were both sent to orphanages when they were young. Because of the times boys and girls would go to different homes and back in the 1930’s and 40’s records were not nearly as good as they are now.

Cases like this are actually more common than you think. Poor record keeping has led to many surprises for many people. – Dr. Parniwans DNA specialist and Astrophysicist.

So unfortunately their original birth records have been lost leaving only the DNA test to prove their relations. “What must of happened was that after the records were lost, news ones were drafted up with what information was available and then when adopted that paperwork would go with them. We know that they grew up close to each other and we all know about them being high school sweethearts. Never did anyone ever suspect they were related because there was no paper trail to raise suspicion”, Allen Frost of Birmingham Department of Records.

We were able to ask the pair a couple of questions; Do you believe the results are accurate? “Sure, why not? It doesn’t change anything. We’re old and we fell in love as individuals and nothing can change that. Is it weird? Not really. We’ve never been much to care about what others think. I love her and she loves me. That’s all that matters.”, how have you children and their children taken the news? “They don’t care either. Mistakes happen. Look at the state of the nation, do you think the fact the paperwork was screwed up and that we are brother and sister would even register with all the chicanery going on in today’s world? Ha! Oh and one other thing, my dick don’t work no more so it ain’t like I’m knowingly banging my sister”. And with that the ended the interview.

We can learn a lesson from the Roberts’, they help us to remember it does not matter what other people may think of us and that love conquers all!

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