Secret Nursing Home Fight Club Claims The Lives Of 13


Bakersfield, CA- Shady Acres nursing home has come under fire from federal authorities after 13 residents died in a patient ran fight club. A Vietnam vet by the name of Clovis Menars is suspected to have been, not only the ring leader, but the clubs final victim as well.

In total 9 male and 4 female residents perished in these human cockfighting events. Clovis would promise his fellow patients at Shady Acres extra puddings at dinner, if they participated in a “secret after hours event”. Many patients jumped at the opportunity for an extra pudding. Little did they know what would happen when they got there.

Names were drawn at random for a fight. The winner would get an extra pudding at dinner and the loser, if they did not die, would not. If someone decided to back out and not participate, Clovis and or one of the other residents in charge, would threaten their loved one’s with harm if they did not partake. Strangely no one once attempted to withdraw from fighting. Many people succeeded in earning extra puddings, while many did not.

In total 13 senior citizens died as a result of injuries sustained while fighting. Clovis died in what would be the final fight to take place at Shady Acres. Early word from authorities is that Shady Acres was woefully understaffed and utterly incompetent in care for its patients. Shady Acres has been closed until further notice.

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