2nd Grade Teacher Arrested After Threatening Class With Homemade Voodoo Dolls


New Orleans, LA- Melissa LaFellow (32), has been placed under arrest after parents of her 2nd grade class called the school administration over the terrible nightmares their kids were having. The nightmares stemmed from Ms. LaFellow’s latest attempt to gain control of her classroom. She had made VooDoo dolls to represent each of her students and told them that if they were to act out she would “Jab little needles into them”.

Frightened students started wetting their beds at home in fear of their teacher poking their doll with needles. Parents were amiss as to what was going on with their children. “Our son is usually so outgoing, but recently he has been so withdrawn. He began to wet the bed, something he has not done in 4 years. Finally we took him to see a child psychologist to hopefully get down to the cause. That’s when we discovered what his teacher had done with the Voodoo dolls and boy let me tell you was I pissed off!”, father of one of the students.

That concerned father called the school to report Ms. LaFellow and when he was finished with them he also alerted authorities to what was going on. “I wanted to see if she had a boyfriend or a husband so I could kick his ass, but I knew that would end badly so I phoned authorities and let them do their job”. Police listened to several students along with their parents and shortly after they decided that they needed to speak with Ms. LaFellow themselves.

Ms. LaFellow was asked to come down to the police station for questioning. 15 minutes into that questioning, police placed her under arrest. “She denied nothing and admitted to everything. Cold and calculated is how I would describe her. Never did she ask how any of the children were that she terrified with her actions. She has displayed wanton indifference and a complete lack of concern for the welfare of her students. She is a dangerous woman and I believe she would have caused more damage had we not been able to intervene. She should never be allowed to teach children again in any capacity.”, Sergeant Alan Stanley N.O.P.D.

As it stands now, Melissa is being held without bail while charges are being filed. Outraged parents are campaigning for her to receive the stiffest sentence possible.

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