Man Fakes Amnesia To Get Time Off Work So He Can Go On A Cruise. When He Returns, He Is Rude And Offensive To His Co-Workers On Account Of His “Amnesia”


Houston, TX- Carl Eddinger (42) wanted to take some time off work and go on a cruise. Unfortunately for him, he had no vacation time coming. Carl is a quick thinker. He decided to fake Amnesia and blame it on an old football injury. Carl’s wife, who coordinated this whole scheme with him, called into his office to say that, “an old football injury that Carl suffered to his head, has brought on late onset Amnesia and he will need time to recover and remember again”. And with that Carl had all the time he needed to “recover”.

Carl and his wife, Kathy, left Galveston on a cruise-ship destined for a 2 week cruise of the Caribbean. After two weeks on a boat Carl needed to recuperate at home for a bit, which was convenient because he was off of work anyways. After his tan faded, Carl returned to work. Within an hour of returning to work Carl saw that he couldn’t go on working with these people in the same manner as before. That’s when he decided to take advantage of his “Amnesia”.

Out of nowhere Carl began to curse at co-workers and be an asshole around the office. He would eat others’ lunches, steal their coffee, make fun of folks and just be an all around pain in the ass. But because of his “Amnesia” the whole office was told by management to go easy of him. Carl knew this and took advantage of the situation. All was well until he was overhead talking to his wife about what “clowns” his colleagues were for believing him.

I really think that faking amnesia was one of my better ideas. I think I think so anyways.

While it may not of lasted long, but we salute Carl and his efforts to Buck the system and get on that cruise!

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