Mortician Found Guilty Of 418 Counts Of Necrophilia. Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison


San Diego, CA- Clint Bowman (45), has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for his crimes including; desecration of a corpse, 418 counts of necrophilia, improper handling of a dead body, and theft among others. Clint was literally caught with his pants down by a janitor at the funeral home he worked. Armando Lagaro, walked in on Clint Bowman engaging in sexual activity with the corpse of attractive middle aged woman whom had recently died in a drowning accident.

Clint was supposed to be embalming the decedent as per his report, but what authorities would later find out is that when Clint Bowman said he was embalming a body, he was actually deriving sexual pleasure in the form of necrophilia. There was even evidence that bodies destined for the crematory had been abused by Mr. Bowman as well.

In 15 years as a licensed mortician, Clint Bowman is suspected of more than 1320 separate necrophile incidents. His sentence of 25 years in prison is one of the longest terms ever handed out in a case of necrophilia where the perpetrator was not the one responsible for the death of the victim.

“Mr. Bowman has displayed wanton indifference to the suffering of his victims families. He has despoiled the silent, peaceful nature of death and has brought depravity, of a heinous variety, to the dead. His vile acts have no place in our society and we are in inspired awe of the jury’s decision to send this animal to jail for the next 25 years of his miserable life. The jury has rewarded the families of the victims with a sense of justice. We hope such instances as these will never ever happen again”, said a spokesman who represents several of the victims families.

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