John Cena And Melania Trump’s Not So Secret Love Affair


Mar-a-Lago, FL- Reports have been confirmed from many of the staff at Mar-a-Lago, that John Cena and Melania Trump have been having a steamy love affair on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago. Cena came to the exclusive club to relax and give his gorgeous body some rest. Melania already spends lots of time there, getting pampered. The two are rumored to have met accidentally in the sauna. “She likes his big hands”, a worker who would only speak to us under the condition of anonymity said.

“She caught a peak at his massive penis in the sauna and she’s been craving some big dick for so many years now”, a source with inside knowledge told us. “She’s desperate for a capable and sizable partner in bed”. Melania has been spotted entering his cabana at all hours of the night. She often exits the cabana walking bowlegged and wiping a creamy goo off her face.

Interestingly enough John Cena will not outright deny the reports, but instead waves his hand in front of his face and says, “Can’t see me” as if his hand would hide his massive body. No one has dared asked the former first lady about the rumors. “She is so happy now. I don’t dare question why. A big smile on her face can be seen at all times she is not near the orange one”, our insider told us.

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