Britney Spears Launching Adult Content Onlyfans January 2022


Calabasas, CA- Britney Spears is joining the latest trend of smoking hot celebrities to join the popular website. After seeing some not so popular not so credible and not so hot of stars cash out big time, Spears is hoping to replicate their success but on a much larger scale. Recently free to do whatever she wants, Britney is taking this opportunity to do whatever she wants.

It is estimated that Spears will attract close to 1million subscribers within the first month and probably tap out at around the 7million mark, according to insiders. Let’s say she charges $20 monthly multiplied by 7million and she’s pulling in $140mil a month!

According to reports, we will be seeing all sides of this picture and more next year!

With that kind of money, it’s a no-brainer. Onlyfans has been beefing up their computation systems and Britney is going to have her own dedicated server capable of handling 25million viewers. That’s a massive amount of computing power for one account, but we imagine Britney will break the internet in 2022!

When we have more information regarding this story, we will update this story. I got my money set aside, how about you?

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