Prostitute Met Her Biological Father For The First Time While Having “Intimate” Relations With Him


Las Vegas, NV- Jizzzelle Springs (22) born Matilda Mathers, had been a high end escort for about 6 months when the most unexpected night of her life was about to happen. Lots of businessmen come through Vegas and while there, it is not unusual for them to arrange a date or dates with an escort service. Jizzz, as her friends call her, often accompanies these businessmen while in town.

Jizzz got a text telling her when and where her next date was to take place and the name of that evenings companion, Roy Cryzski. She showed up to the prearranged meeting place and they two struck up conversation. They went to a Vegas show and back to his suite for drinks shortly afterwards.

A little back story. Jizzz was adopted and only had limited information about her birth parents as they were both drifters with no real fixed address. The only thing her adopted parents knew about about her biological parents was that her father had a scar that looked like the scythe on the USSR flag on his lower abdomen.

Jizzz’s promotional selfies.

In the room she played to Roy’s desires and allowed him to take control in the bedroom. Lying completely nude on the lush bed, Roy started to pleasure her orally. After about 30 minutes of muff diving he began to disrobe. Jizzz was impressed at his skills to please a woman orally. She came 3 times in that 30 minute span and planned on treating him extra special.

Roy dropped his pants and Jizzz gave him the best body twitching, screaming and clenching orgasm from a blowjob he had ever experienced before. “Fuck me daddy!” she begged Roy. Roy obliged. He filled Jizzz up with his cock and started pumping. Jizzz was excited to be filled with his jiz. Damn he felt good. Roy started to heat up and he took his shirt off. “He’s in good shape for his age”, she thought. She saw a scar on his stomach, but it didn’t register at first so they kept fucking.

Then she saw the scar again. It looked like the scythe on the USSR flag. What were the odds? So she asked him, “did you give a daughter up for adoption 22 years ago?”, “Yes”, he replied. “I think you’re my dad. I was told about your unique scar…” “Wait you’re Matilda? I thought your name was Jizzzelle???” “Jizzzelle is my prostitute name, Matilda is my birth name dad. Is it okay if I call you dad?”. Confused and bewildered Roy gathered his thoughts and put his clothes on. He paid his daughter and said, “Let’s go talk over breakfast and whatever you do don’t tell your mother”.

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