Couple Cause Airbnb To Collapse While Attempting The “Amazon Sex Position” On Their Honeymoon


While on their Honeymoon In England, newlyweds Keith and Velma Pollock stayed at several different Airbnb’s. In Canterbury they stayed at this lovely 3 story townhome. Already consummating their marriage nights before, the two were finding out that sex really was for them.

Keith and Velma were spending their entire Honeymoon having sex. All the tourist sights and restaurants were put on hold so the two could have sex and order food in. They were staying on the 3rd floor enjoying the view when they decided to try something new. Keith wanted to try “Amazon Style”.

While working out the logistics of this complex position they started to hear some creaking and cracking noises coming from the floorboards. Almost instinctively they knew what was happening. The floor was giving out under the immense weight of their bodies. With no time to avoid disaster, they braced themselves for impact.

Boom! Like a landslide the corner of the building came crashing down. Their bed made it to the middle of the street. Keith and Velma also made it safely to the street still joined together in amazon position. Unable to detach from each other, the newlyweds had to wait for emergency services to help them out of this quagmire.

Because it was still their honeymoon, the residents of Canterbury put them up in a very nice one story home for them to spend the rest of their trip. They have vowed never to try that position again. We hope so as they are scheduled to visit some very tall and very old castes in the coming days.

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