The Amazing Transformation Of “World’s Ugliest Bride”


Elena got married to the love of her life Boris back in 2011. Photos of their wedding went viral shortly afterward. It seems the entire world decided they would make fun of this woman. Why all the heckling? Well Elena was bald and fat. That’s it. No one cared that the man she married is a good honest hard working guy. No one cared that they plan to adopt children because there are so many kids who need a home. No, the world made fun of her instead. Why? Because people like being nasty to make themselves feel better about their own conditions.

The happy couple enjoying their special day.

Elena was crushed by the onslaught of insults being thrown at her. Was there anything she could do to put an end to the torment? Why should she have to be the one to change? Whatever her decisions going forward were to be, she had Boris forever cheering her on. Let that be a message that does not go unnoticed. Boris loves his wife regardless of what others perceive. People will always be mean if they feel like they can get away with it or “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I?”.

She started to get recognized in public. Now strangers were shouting obscenities to her that she could actually hear. Elena realized that there really was nothing she could do to win. She was not going to change her looks to satisfy a society that puts people down for not fitting an absurd set of standards. Months went on and finally years crept on by.

The transformation of Elena

Slowly the interest in her wedding photos seemed to disappear only to be brought back up once or twice a year with resurgences on social media. With the idea of adoption still on the couples mind and Elena starting to feel the effects of the added extra weight, she went on a personal self improvement mission. This was for herself. She was mapping out a way to life a more healthy productive lifestyle.

She hit the gym. She learned how to cook in a way which was tasty and good for her as well. She worked on her hair and makeup techniques. Elena got her nails done and invested in nice fashionable clothes. Over the course of two years Elena became unrecognizable to anyone but people she saw on a regular basis. Boris was as in love with her as ever. Not because her psychical appearance changed, but because she grew as a human in thought and understanding.

Once again the day came where she saw her wedding pictures on social media and decided it was time to show the world what she did for herself. Elena contacted to publish this story and be the first to share her transformation pictures with the world. There was an overwhelming positive response from the majority of people. As always there were detractors, but by this point Elena couldn’t even hear them over how wonderful she felt inside and out.

One thing Elena wanted to make clear was that this had ZERO to do with people making fun of her and was all about her future. “I wipe my ass with what the people that make fun of me think”. So enjoy her amazing transformation pictures and celebrate her resolve. This is truly one incredible woman.

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