Woman Forced To Leave Chick-Fil-A After Customers Complain That Her “Sexually Explicit” Tongue Is Arousing Their Husbands


Sugarland, TX- Wendy Cousins was waiting on her order at a local Chick-Fil-A. While waiting she was enjoying her beverage. Not everyone was excited to see her enjoy that beverage. Within a few minutes of waiting, a customer complained that she was being “lewd” with her tongue and the straw.

We would later find that the complaining customer had a husband who became physically aroused watching Wendy enjoy her soft drink. An employee asked her if she would “tone it down” on the straw. “What do you mean tone it down?”, replied Wendy. “Some of the customers don’t appreciate your tongue show with the straw. Their husband are getting erections.”, “you mean this tongue?” and boom Wendy let her tongue fly out in all its glory.

Looks Great to us!

“Ma’am if you don’t put that away, you will have to leave”. Wendy started making sexual gestures with her tongue knowing it would piss them off. “Fuck them! I was minding my own business. This is my tongue and they can’t shame me into submission”. Eventually feeling forced out by a barrage of obscenities, Wendy left vowing never to come back to another Chick-Fil-A.

As news of this story started reached executives at KFC, they offered to put her in a “Finger Lickin’ Good” commercial. We can only hope she says yes!

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