400lb. Siblings Caught Stealing Dozens Of Eggs In Their Throats.


Tomball, TX- With the price of eggs going through the roof, many people are going to great lengths to get their hands on them. Scotty and Rebecca Hanson were caught leaving a Houston area Costco with with close to 50 eggs in each of their massive throats. Scotty and Rebecca were each born with necks and throats 3 times the normal size. Each of the siblings used this genetic quirk to try and covertly steal over 4 dozen eggs each.

Houston Police say that the ongoing theft of food is bringing the already high price of food even higher.

The pair were caught when Scotty coughed up an egg while trying to squeeze through the exit undetected. They were detained by armed security until authorities arrived. “Theft of food is on the rise”, said Lt. Boyle of the Houston Police Dept. “People are getting creative in the ways in which they will try and conceal their thievery. Scotty and Rebecca used their massive throats to conceal large quantities of stolen eggs”.

Rebecca refused to return the eggs and decided to allow her body the opportunity to absorb them over time. She will be absorbing them in Harris County Jail on charges of Theft in the first degree. Scotty either puked up the remaining eggs or they came out in his stool. He is also sitting in jail on charges of theft.

“With the emergence of criminals like the Throat Goats, we need the support of our communities to help us fight crime and help keep the costs of food down”, Lt. Boyle concluded.

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