Flight Attendant Trapped “Foul Smelling” Passenger In The Lavatory For The Duration Of The Flight


Houtson, TX (IAH)- Flight Attendant Beth Worthington (40) of Sugarland Texas, has been arrested following an incident onboard a flight she was working. Not long after takeoff, passengers began to complain about an odor onboard coming from a fellow passenger that was making several of them sick to the stomach.

Worthington said, “I was asked by passengers onboard to see if I could get the man in question to wash up a bit, maybe put on some fresh deodorant. I spoke to the foul smelling passenger about his odor, but he insisted that it was not ‘his’ problem and that I should mind my own business”.

Lt. Andy McAndrews of IAH TSA, was the agent who placed Beth Worthington into custody.

Company and federal policy restricted Beth from doing anything further… Officially anyways. She then witnessed him go to the restroom and got a bright idea. “I saw him enter the lavatory shortly after the seatbelt signs went off. I decided to engage the security lock from the outside and permanently separate him from the others. His stench was unbearable at this point. I put an out of order sign on the door and carried on with my duties”.

The lavatory in question was in the back of the plane and none of the others onboard could hear the man calling for help or banging on the door to get out. When plane landed, Beth Worthington let the man free and he immediately went to TSA federal agents and explained his story. The man in question, whose name is being withheld out of respect for his wishes, told agents that he suffers from a rare form of cancer, and that the experimental treatments he had been receiving to combat this aggressive form of cancer, were actually the cause of the pungent odor emanating from his body.

That was all TSA needed to hear. Beth Worthington was placed under arrest by federal authorities and was being held at George Bush International Airport (IAH) until local authorities showed up to escort her to county jail. Beth Worthington is no longer allowed to work in the airline industry in any form or fashion and has been placed on the “Do Not Fly” list.

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