Houston Pastor Caught By A Parishioner Having Sex With A Sheep Over The Holidays


Houston, TX- Kevin LaRue (67), has been the Pastor at Greensbury First Presbyterian Church for the past 35+ years. Multiple generations of families have enjoyed having him as their pastor. The holidays are a special time at Greensbury First Presbyterian and no holiday is more special than Christmas.

This year was to be extra special as the congregation had raised enough money to have live animals in the yearly nativity scene. Greensbury has always drawn good sized crowds to come and look at their Christmas decorations. With the inclusion of the live animals, crowds were expected to reach over 1000 visitors on weekend nights. Sadly, no one will ever know for sure how many people would show up to Greensbury First Presbyterian this year.

Two nights ago a member of the church came back to the parking lot at around midnight. Earlier in the day he had lost his wallet and was retracing his steps that day. The church member, who shall remain nameless, heard a kerfuffle going on in the pen where the nativity livestock were being held. Upon closer inspection, he could see a large figure amongst the sheep.

That figure turned out to be Kevin LaRue. Pastor Kevin was caught by his parishioner sexually violating a sheep. The man having just witnessed his pastor molest a sheep, ran off in a hurry and immediately phoned police. When authorities arrived, Kevin LaRue was in the process of hosing off himself and several sheep. Police turned off the water and placed the disgraced pastor under arrest.

All animals that were being housed at Greensbury First Presbyterian Church have been removed and given a clean bill of health by a local veterinarian. LaRue is in Harris County Jail awaiting charges of Beastiality, public indecency, trespassing, and lewd and lucidious behavior involving an animal. Representatives from Greensbury First Presbyterian were unavailable for comment at time of this writing.

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