Ryan Seacrest Seen Performing Oral Sex On Mario Lopez At A Halloween Party


Hollywood, CA- Stories have surfaced regarding a Halloween Costume party that was hosted by none other than Ryan Seacrest. According to multiple reports Seacrest and guest Mario Lopez were seen spending a lot of time together at the party. That alone is not too unusual as both are television hosts. But what was unusual was all the hand holding and body language the two had with each other, “there was intense sexual tension between them”, Simon Cowell said.

Ryan offered a tour of his lovely home to his new best bud Mario and the two skipped off into his Hollywood hills home. They toured the house hand in hand and exchanged some sloppy kisses as they galavanted through the house. Mario had to excuse himself and use the restroom to let out some of that champagne he had been drinking. When Mario turned around after shaking it, Ryan was on his knees in front of him waiting with wanting eyes.

This was taken a couple weeks after the party. They really seem to be enjoying each other.

Mario knew what Ryan wanted, he wanted some dick in his mouth. Mario obliged and Ryan began to fellate his buddy. Ryan was loud and sloppy. From a distance guests could hear Ryan choking and several people became worried for his safety. Two friends of Ryan bust down the door and found Mario balls deep in Ryan’s mouth.

Spit all over Ryan’s face and tears running down from his eyes, he was really going at it. When the friends realized what was happening they turned and left, but stayed by the door, they knew they had to make sure no one took pictures of the men leaving the restroom. The two emerged with Ryan licking his fingers and proceeded to enjoy the night like nothing had happened.

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