Woman Faces 31 Years In Prison After Emasculating Her Husband With An Umbilical Cord


“I yanked as hard as I could. I yanked and pulled until I ripped his cheating balls off!”

Los Angeles, California- Jessica Perez was brought into custody after her husband arrived at a hospital without his balls and named her as the culprit. Shocked emergency room workers worked hard to stop the bleeding. “I’ve seen lots of crazy things; foreign objects in the anus, screwdrivers in the head, once a broom through the chest, but this is the wildest thing I’ve ever witnessed”.

Carlos Perez, Jessica’s castrated husband will survive his wounds, but will need hormone replacement therapy for the rest of his life. Jessica accused him of cheating when he caught her talking to another woman, “I was ordering my dinner at a restaurant. She was the fucking waitress! Jessica lost her shit and we got kicked out”, said Carlos.

“I figured it was all over by the time I fell asleep. Next thing I know is I feel an incredible pain, like being kicked in the balls over and over except my fucking sack was gone, balls and all!”

Jessica had waited for him to fall asleep before she tied an umbilical cord around his nuts. She had saved the cord from their child’s home birth. Umbilical cords have a tensile strength of 600lbs. She had made a nice snug knot and placed herself at a safe distance with the cord still in hand and yanked like she was starting a lawnmower. “Last thing I saw before I passed out was her taking off with my balls.”

Ms. Perez is facing 3 felony counts of assault and faces up to 31 years in prison.

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