Deadbeat Dad With 27 Children And 16 Baby Momma’s Faces 10 Years In Prison For Not Paying Child Support


Bakersfield, CA- Jason Penberthy (46), has what seems like half the women of Bakersfield up in arms. For reasons yet unclear, 16 women have willfully carried at least one of his children into this world, some women more than once. Each and every one of his children’s mothers, have not received one dime from the unemployed Lothario.

Word has it that Jason would ingratiate himself with women waiting in line for Food-stamps at the welfare office. Sparking up a conversation, he would suggest using their new found food money to have a nice dinner together. “After ‘dinner’, he would have unprotected sex with the women and set up a follow-up date. He did this over and over until his calendar was full of these ‘dates’, or as he liked call them, ‘wine them, dine them, 69 them’ dates”, said District Attorney Rick Anderson.

Within 3 calendar years, Jason had or was expecting a total of 27 children between the 16 women he had picked up at the welfare office. He had no fixed address and would go back and forth between all the different women’s homes and leach off of their kindness.

Eventually he wore away his welcome. Once that began to happen, his baby momma’s started seeking child support from the deadbeat dad. After several of the women filed suits with family court, court clerks began to see a pattern between cases. Over the course of a weekend two court clerks were able to isolate a total 16 different women who had filed suit against Jason Penberthy.

Penberthy is Bakersfield’s most prolific child support dodger and is now sitting in jail awaiting a trial which could send him to prison for the next 10 years. The 16 women seeking justice, have grown close with one another and have actually taken steps to help support each other when it is so obvious their sperm donor will not be doing so.

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