After A Year Away, Missionary Makes It Home Just In Time To See His Wife Give Birth To Their Miracle Baby


Salt Lake City, Utah- Benjamin and Bethany Anderson are overjoyed with their new bundle of joy. For over 5 years the loving couple tried and tried again to get pregnant. It didn’t help that Benjamin would go off on missions every other year during those first few years. The couple, being devout Mormon’s, prayed for a child relentlessly.

Benjamin was getting ready for a year long mission last summer and in preparation of his long absence the couple copulated on the hour for 12 hours a day in the weeks leading up to his departure. The hope was to increase their odds of conceiving as much as possible before he left. A short 3 months later Benjamin got the call from Bethany that he had been waiting for for so long, they were going to have a baby! All that humping they did prior to his departure must have done the trick… Right?

9 months later Benjamin returned just in time to see their daughter, Patricia being born. “This is a day we have been dreaming about for so long. I think she has her mother’s cheeks and Bethany thinks she has my eyes and ears. This is the most incredible day of our lives!”. The happy couple threw a celebration for the birth and invited all their friends and family over to their home to see the new baby.

For reasons unknown to Benjamin, his family seemed to not accept his new daughter as much as he had hoped and were also being very cold to his wife. “Something is just not right. It’s not my place to speak on it, but something is just not right here.”, said Benjamin’s mother Glenda Anderson.

Benjamin figures that his mom is just having a hard time not being the most important woman in her son’s life anymore. Benjamin decided not to focus on his family’s negativity, but instead just enjoyed spending time with mother and child. “Bringing my daughter home has to be the happiest day of my life! We are complete now. Bethany and I are beyond happy to raise our child. A child we created together in love and happiness. All those long hours of humping paid off.”, he said with a wink.

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