Husband Drags Wife Home From All-You-Can-Eat Buffet So She Can Clean The House


Milwaukee, WI- Ralph Gruber was tired of having to do all the household chores while his wife, Carla was out at the local buffet stuffing her face like she would do every Sunday. The night before they had a 5th birthday party for their youngest child and there was plenty of cleanup to be done. Ralph cleaned the entire house while Carla was eating. He did everything but the dishes, he was going to leave them for his wife to do.

8hrs. had passed since Carla had left for the buffet, that was plenty of time to eat Ralph thought. So instead of spinning his wheels waiting for his wife to come home, he took matters into his own hands. He decided to bring her home himself. When he arrived at the restaurant, Carla was just starting desert and wasn’t in the mood to hear about any dishes. As she pled for more time to “get her money’s worth”, Ralph started to devise a plan to extract her away from the table.

Carla is a lot bigger than Ralph and there was no way he was going to get her to leave without some help. It was then he got an idea. His idea was to go out for a ‘smoke’, but while out there he grabbed a length of rope from the back of his truck and securely tied it on a hook before returning to the dining area with the other end of the rope hidden out of sight.

He tied the rope to her electric scooter and told her that he ‘gives up’ and will see her at home later. Content she was alone again, Carla went back to enjoying her soft serve. It was at this moment that Ralph fired up his truck and began to drag his wife home. Unable to do anything but hang on for the ride, Carla yelled and screamed the whole way home. At home, Ralph untied her and said that he was going out for a bite to eat while she does the dishes and not to wait up for him.

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