Woman Rushed To The Hospital After Getter Her Cooter Stuck On A Trailer Ball Hitch


Spring, TX- Ally Simpson (27) is a good time girl. So when there was a party at the lake this past weekend, she was there with a cooler full of Budweiser because White Claw is “weak shit” in her words. A typical lake party includes booze, babes, boats, big ass trucks and wave runners.

Night one saw beer bongs and bon fires. Night two was all about the twerk off! Naturally Ally entered the twerk off with a few other men and women. Never one to be outdone, Ally had something up her sleeve for this contest. When it came time for her to drop it like it’s hot, she hovered over the ball on the trailer hitch and twerked over and all around the damn thing. Everyone began to cheer her on! They wanted her to twerk down onto the ball and after enough money flew her way she did.

Here’s a little song I call “Ally’s Cooter”

With one big twerk, Ally snuggly sat on the trailer hitch and did what twerking she could, which quickly turned into her trying to get off of the damn thing. No one knew that she was struggling to get off. They just thought it was all a part of the twerk off. Finally she stopped fighting it and just sat down on the damn thing and asked for help.

Many a country boy tried getting her off the ball, but all failed. It was a snug fit. Emergency services were called and after about 15 minutes and heavy dose of lube Ally was able to break free from the ball. Everyone erupted in cheer at her successful dismount and crowned her the winner of the twerk off. From that night on she will ever be known as “Too Tight Ally”. Needless to say she is the most popular gal in town after that weekend!

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