BREAKING NEWS: Man Tries To Rob Bank With A Hotdog.


Los Angeles, CA- A Bank Of The West had a scare today in downtown Los Angeles. A man later identified as Harrison Parker (36), was apprehended by an armed security guard employed by the bank after his “Gun” revealed itself to be a hotdog.

Harrison got in line with the rest of the bank’s customers. When it was his turn at the window, he slid a piece of paper over to the teller which read, “I have a gun in my right jacket pocket. Give me all the money in your drawer and no one gets hurt”. The teller seemed to hesitate for a second, which in hindsight may have saved the day. That small hesitation caused Harrison Parker to raise his jacket pocket in a threatening manner to remind the teller he had a gun.

What Harrison did not account for was his “gun” slipping in his hand and out his pocket and onto the ground revealing itself to be hotdog. When the teller saw that there was indeed no gun, they quickly alerted the banks in-house armed security and Harrison Parker was tackled to the ground and handcuffed.

Police arrived shortly after to arrest the would be bandit. The hotdog was taken in as evidence.

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