Houston Man By The Name Of “Harry Balzac” Arrested For Public Urination


Houston, TX- Harold “Harry” Balzac (57), was picked up for public urination after police witnessed him relieving himself behind a Kroger grocery store late Wednesday night. Usually a crime like this will not much media attention, but just this one time we are making an exception. The arrest has garnered lots of attention due to the criminal’s name, Harry Balzac.

Police found it hard to contain their laughter while inspecting his ID. Even Mr. Balzac was poking fun at himself, “Come on guys, how you gonna arrest a man name Balzac? Get it BALLSACK? How about we forget all about this?”. Nice try Mr. Balzac, but you’re not getting off that easy.

Harold is expected to be released once a background check is complete and free of warrants. He has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for his fine. “Just search for Harry Balzac from your favorite internet browser and you’re sure to find me”. No thanks Harry, we won’t be searching for you or any other kind of ballsack.

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