Retired Prostitute Arrested For Consuming Semen Samples While Working At A Sperm Bank


Bakersfield, CA- Agatha Bristol (27), was caught on video surveillance removing patient’s specimens at the Bakersfield Reproductive Center (BRC) and consuming them orally. Ms. Bristol had only been an employee at BRC for 3 months when she apparently reverted to old behavior from her previous career. As a former prostitute, Agatha was having a difficult time working a 9 to 5 job like most other people. Finding a job at a sperm bank seemed like an obvious progression for one already so well attuned to getting men to ejaculate.

Several sperm deposits began to go missing in the days and weeks after Agatha was hired. An audit of BRC’s video surveillance footage, showed Ms. Bristol removing one or two deposits at a time, once or twice a week. Once removed from the refrigerator in which they were being held, Agatha consumed them orally like she was taking a shot of tequila.

The administration for BRC was in an uproar when they saw the footage. Detectives from the Bakersfield Police Department viewed the video evidence and subsequently arrested Ms. Agatha Bristol. During initial questioning with detectives, Ms. Bristol let it be know that she was in fact a former prostitute and that tasting the semen samples helped her, “stay off the streets”. Ms. Bristol is currently being held at Kern County Sheriff’s Jail.

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