New SMART Brand Condoms Will Tell You If Your Partner Used To Be A Man


Los Angeles, CA- There’s no question we live in new and interesting times. Men and woman are experiencing life at new and exciting speeds. Not many people have time to slow down and check if their partners used to be the a different gender. Now one company, for the first time ever, is taking the guess work out of sexual identification. SMART Brand condoms, available in sizes XS-XXXXL, are color activated. If your partners is and always has been a female, the condom will turn pink. If the condom turns blue and you’re with a lady, well that lady used to be a man.

“SMART Brand condoms are DNA activated at the molecular level so that even recent hormone therapy won’t hide your origin story”, Dr. Abernathy of SMART Brand condoms.

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. Something always felt off. The lump in her throat that wasn’t an “Adam’s Apple”, the 5 o’clock shadow. But then when I started using SMART Brand condoms and they turned blue when I was inside her, I knew then that she used to be a man. So in an hour or so when I finished, we had a talk and have never been closer! Thank you SMART Brand condoms for helping my relationship reach new heights!”, a satisfied SMART Brand condom customer.

“I’ve been banging a dude this whole time. Who would of thought! Thanks you SMART Brand condoms for opening my eyes!”, another satisfied SMART Brand condom customer.

Look for SMART Brand condoms to hit stores near you this spring!

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