Man Tries To Run Over His Girlfriend After Catching Her Using Another Man’s Food Stamps At Walmart


Houston, TX- Max Ellingtion (28) is in custody at Harris County Jail after trying to run over his girlfriend but instead crashed his car into a local Walmart. His girlfriend, hopefully EX now, Veronica was at the self checkout machine when Max noticed she was paying for their groceries using another man’s EBT card (Food Stamps). Max knew the name, it was her baby’s daddy and Max hated that man.

Max didn’t want to get into it with her inside the store, so he excused himself and went outside for a cigarette. Max went to the parking lot where he said he would be waiting for her. She had recently said she had had no contact with her ex in months, but now Max knew she was obviously lying. His head spinning as he lit his cigarette, he decided he was going to run her over then and there with his car. He waited in the drivers seat for her to appear.

Seeing her get ready to exit out the front, Max hit the gas but missed his target and crashed directly into the front of the store. Veronica was able to move out of the way just in time. When she put together what just happened, she called 911 and several good samaritans held onto Max until authorities arrived.

Veronica’s baby daddy showed up to take her home just as Max was being hauled off to jail. Max is now facing attempted murder charges, while Veronica is being consoled by her baby daddy.

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