Wife 3D Prints Husbands Face To Unlock His iPhone


Newbury Park, CA- Shelia Maddox has become sort of a celebrity in her southern California town for outsmarting her Computer Scientist husband. Being the Jealous type, Shelia never trusted that her husband was texting “co-workers” late at night. She would try anything to get a look at his phone. Only problem was that she would need his face to unlock it as it has facial recognition.

Her husband Frank is and has been obsessed with making things on his 3D printer and always wanted Shelia to take an interest in it as well. He tried teaching her how to do some basic things and though she paid attention, she never had an interest in printing herself. That is until now!

The thought occurred to her, “I wonder if I can print his face and unlock his phone? Yes I can! I’ll beat him at his own game”. She entered the needed information into the computer and uploaded the proper files and pictures to make this printing a success. In about 6hrs she had a replica of her husbands face. She eagerly made her way to his cellphone on the nightstand and took it to another room.

She was shocked when she opened the phone and read the messages. He was trying to arrange a surprise trip to the Bahamas and the late night texts were due to the time difference between California and the Bahamas. Frank awoke and noticed light from the other room and investigated. It was his wife snooping on his phone.

When he saw the 3D printed face he was so overjoyed that his wife had paid attention that he didn’t care about her snooping. Looks like the couple will have a great vacation full of sex and 3D printing.

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