1000’s Of Families To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Walmart Parking Lots Hoping To Be First In Line For Black Friday


USA- Every year it seems like Black Friday is becoming a bigger and bigger deal. Family dinners are being cut short to secure a place in line. Giving thanks has taken a backseat to getting deals. As a result of this families are planning to celebrate in parking lots of America’s store, Walmart.

Walmart has always been accommodating to truckers and RV enthusiasts who wished to park overnight in their lots. Now they will be setting up Thanksgiving buffets and raffles to gather as many shoppers as possible to their stores. Free food is being offered and reports coming out from corporate offices is that they expect upwards of 1 million people will be celebrating in a Walmart parking lot this year.

“Walmart may be starting an interesting trend here”, says Dr. Bretwald. “Holidays are more about commerce than togetherness and this may be the end of the illusion otherwise”, Dr. Bretwald went on to say. “I can’t wait to split the wish bone and wish for a flatscreen TV! Don’t really need one, but the price is right!”, a future Thanksgiving celebrator said.

Most of us here at Daily News Reported will be eating nachos and playing video games this coming Thursday.

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