Man Caught With Over 500,000 Individual Pubic Hairs. Police Believe He Was Planning To Leave Them Behind At Crime Scenes


Los Angeles, CA- Lester Franzes is an average everyday dude. He works at AAA as a Vacation advisor, though not many people go that route anymore. He takes great pride in the work he does even if no one else seems to appreciate it. He lives in a somewhat large apartment complex where he is seen as a lonely bachelor who keeps odd hours.

Lester starts every day at the gym where he keeps in excellent shape even though he doesn’t like to show off. He almost appears to be in training, but for what no one knows. After the gym comes work at AAA where he eats the same PB&J lunch day in and day out. After work he stops at his PO BOX to collect his mail and then off to home he goes.

I had to catalogue the pubes. It’s a shit job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Several times a week he can be seen leaving his apartment late at night with a gym bag. Several hours pass until he returns. Sweaty and disheveled is how one could describe his look returning from these late night adventures. Morning comes again and off to the gym he goes. But today will be different. Much Different.

Lester was running late for work and was driving faster than normal. Prompt and calculated was Lester but not today. He got pulled over for speeding. Throughout the stop he remained cool, calm, and collected. His gym bag beside him on the passenger seat. What caught the officers eye was that there was another bag in the backseat as well which seemed to have blood on it. He had made a mistake and left that bag in the car from the previous night.

He tried explaining that it was a backup bag with gym equipment, but the officer found the blood to be sufficient evidence for a search. When CSI’s arrived and opened the bag, pubic hairs burst out of it. Many different colors shapes and sizes. He was taking in for questioning. Blood tests were run to compare the blood on the bag to any open crimes. Lester lawyered up. The blood tests came back inconclusive. Authorities could not place him under arrest for any open crimes but they could get him for the bag of pubes. The pubes had obviously been collected from the gym as there could find no other location in his day to day activities that would suggest otherwise.

Collection of pubic hairs for use in a crime is a felony in California and with the sheer amount Lester had he is looking at close to 35yrs in prison. There was no plausible explanation for the pubes except that he had or was planning to use them to get away with crimes and he offered no contrary story. All crimes linked to public hair evidence with now be crossed matched with the members of the gym he attends and to the bag of hairs collected.

Please stay tuned to Daily News Reported as more of this story unfolds!

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